Divorce and Legal Separation Process

There are several documents required to begin a divorce or legal separation case.

Both parties can sign the Petition and then be referred to as Co-Petitioners.

One can also serve the other party. This is more inflammatory process which involves having the papers handed personally to the opposing party. Only a person over 18 years old that is not a party to your case can perform this service. Sometimes people use the police or sheriff’s office for this process. Others use private process servers. A Waiver of Service may also be filed instead of having personal service on the other spouse.

However it is accomplished, the Court must have jurisdiction over both parties before the 90-day clock begins to run.

The Court will then set an Initial Status Conference. You will see the Court Facilitator at the ISC if you are not represented by an attorney.

At or before the Initial Status Conference, mandatory financial disclosures are required.